Privacy Policy

Davlantis Insurance cares about your privacy!

As we develop a relationship with you, our clients, we want to do everything we can to provide the best service.  An important part of that is how we treat your privacy and your private data.

We DO NOT do the following:

  • sell, trade, or rent personal information

We DO do the following:

  • securely store personal information required for the purpose of our business relationship with you
  • securely disclose your personal information to authorized agencies when required for the purpose of our business relationship with you

What kind of privacy data do we collect?

We collect information required to be able to process your business with us for the purposes of insurance.  Specific types of information can be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Full name
  • Home Address
  • Business Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Personal Financial Details
  • Personal Property Details
  • Commercial Financial Details
  • Commercial Property Details
  • Privacy Data from other entities (other Insurance entities, governmental departments such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, etc.)
  • Personal Medical Details

How Davlantis Insurance Protects Your Privacy

We deal with private data in three ways: physical paperwork, digital paperwork, and telecommuncatively.

  • Physical Paperwork
    • When not in use, all physical paperwork is secured in a locked container located in a locked facility with an active security system.
    • When in use, all physical paperwork is controlled by the Agent currently working on the paperwork.  Unless required, the paperwork never leaves the Agency.
  • Digital Paperwork
    • All digital paperwork is securely stored in private, commercial cloud storage.  Any local copies are stored on work computers that are encrypted and password protected.
  • Telecommunicatively
    • Any e-mails sent containing privacy data are encrypted above and beyond the standard encryption afforded by TLS and S/MIME secured e-mail algorithms.
    • Any privacy data that is discussed via telephone is only done so with authorized recipients of that data and done so in a manner that protects the data from disclosure (i.e., telephone calls not conducted where others not authorized to the data can hear the discussion).

All employees are rigorously trained on our privacy data policy when newly hired, annually, and periodically as needed.

As you can clearly see, Davlantis Insurance cares about your privacy!

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